01 Corporate Strategy

ZINCAPITAL engages in strategic thinking made by the managers and shareholders of the companies advised. It also assists customers in the most effective management of resources and the creation of added value through a rigorous analysis in the following areas:

• Corporate development plans.
• Industry trends and competitive environment.
• Negotiation and execution of operations
• Strategic, growth and diversification plans.

02 Corporate Transactions

Zincapital has the ability to work with investors and companies in the selling process. We also advise shareholders, boards of directors and the companies themselves in managing the process and the selection of the best deals. Our expertise and independence guarantee the best advice.

Zincapital provides its customers the best solutions in financial restructurings and refinancings or capital repayments. Among other activities we provide the following:

• Complete review of the objectives and financing options available.
• Search for funding and investors, establishing a reasonable competitive tension that contributes to the success of the process of financial restructuring.
• Refinance strategy.
• Estrategia de refinanciación.
• Products to optimize the capital structure.
• Refinancing / Amortization of capital.

03 Corporate Comunication

From Zincapital we coordinate the actions to take in the field of corporate communications. Our experience in processes of this nature allows us to collaborate with companies specializing in the design of marketing and communication strategies, , brand, products and services advertising campaigns.

We also establish principles and rules to demand cool hunting reports, new product strategies, segmentations and action proposals developed successfully in other countries. Zincapital assists in the development of strategy and corporate image, online reputation designing and social networks management.

04 Interin Management

As part of our intention to be an instrumental partner in our partners present and future financial activities, Zincapital provides interim management services enabling our partners to focus on the operational control of its business and projects. Thanks to our executive & consultancy experience and contact network we offer a quick, effective, professional and cost-effective response to manage those periods of transition, crisis or organizational change, to cover those roles required during them.