01 Entrepreneurs, founders and investors

  • Reduce investors risk and make funding rounds fundable.
  • Help manage founders valuation expectations.
  • Provide a deep network of national and international contacts.
  • Transitions to board of directors and advisors.
  • Manage challenges associated with growth.
  • Help in organization, focus and execution to define and achieve milestones to launch the next round of funding.
  • Development Of sales and business (Go-To-Market plan, developing sales and distribution channels, search for new business and customers, marketing plan).
  • M&A strategy and investment, identifying targets and consulting (Spin-off and spin-outs).

02 Listed or intended to be companies

  • Market strategy and business planning.
  • Analysis of technologies and disruptive business models.
  • Qualified perspective on emerging innovations.
  • Ecosystem creation.
  • Business case development.
  • Managing startups relationships, honest broker and best practices.
  • Technological diagnosis for strategic purchases and investments.
  • Strategy, team building and funds seeking for spin-outs.